Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ollies Bring the Rain to ALKA

Raining Sideways continued their winning ways on Thursday against the upstart A Little Kick Action (ALKA). The Ollies’ fans enjoyed a slugfest as both teams came with the desire to win.

The scoring started early as each club managed to plate a pair of runs in the first inning. Kevin booted his second homerun of the young season, a two run blast that brought the crowd to their feet.

The Ollies’ defense struggled in the second inning, though, allowing four runs to give A Little Kick Action a comfortable lead.

However, Raining Sideways’ offense turned on in the second inning, scoring five runs to capture a slim lead they would build off of for the rest of the game.

The rest of the offense would come in the next inning when Pete clubbed a three run homer, his first of the season.

“It felt good coming off my toes,” Pete said. “I knew I had a chance before I even made it to first base.”

“It’s a beautiful thing when you get production from all corners of your lineup,” gushed Captain Big. “With this kind of performance, we can’t help feeling strong right now.”

Despite its early inning struggles, the Ollies’ defense also had a number of bright moments.

BK and Kevin each had overhead snags that dropped jaws. Big made a diving catch on the infield. Ashley brought down a hard hit linedrive and winged it to first for the out. And finally, Jaimie made her first out of her young kickball career with an impressive catch out in right field.

“As great as it is to have a high-scoring offense, the defense still needs to come to play,” said BK. “They also need to be able to stay focused in the face of adversity. They did that today and I’m damn proud of them!”

The final score of ten to six was misleading, however, as both teams played strong throughout the game. The post-game flip cup was equally competitive as the green and gray teams got their drink on.

“It was a good night,” slurred Big. “Allez Ollies!”

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